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So why is Excellent Appraisers a smart choice?

Excellent Appraisers is a product of Gruseldog Design, a website and software development company that remains on the cutting-edge of information technologies with high-quality sites tailored around specific content. Our employees' skill sets varied to include a multitude of specialty fields. Combined, Gruseldog Design's team of experts can offer experience in accounting, office management, real estate appraising, development and programming, education, corporate graphic design, marketing, advertising, and editing.

As a website development company, Gruseldog is unique in its involvement with the appraisal world. Our team has a vested interest in the Appraisal Institute. We have members serving on both the Appriasal Institute's Chicago Chapter and ICAP website boards. Janna Blaydes, our principal developer, was awarded the Chicago Chapter's Service Award in 2006 for her work and contribution to this committee. USPAP, state requirements, and many other areas of the appraisal profession are constantly changing. We understand the importance of staying involved to keep track of ongoing changes.

With future interest and expansion in mind, we place a high priority on staying up-to-date, including both attending and instructing courses. Our extensive education and experience gives our staff knowledge of the unique relationship between lenders and appraisers.

We are confident that we will make a great resource for your appraisal needs.


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